Going Local specializes in the marketing and advertising of local businesses to new residents of Northern New Jersey.  We are unique in that we have access to information through local relationships that enable us to introduce our clients to new residents within days of their move-in date. 


     Other marketing and advertising companies rely on deed recordings and change of mailing address to identify new residents.  This  information takes time to reach these companies and their client's marketing efforts to new residents begins weeks or months after the new resident actually arrives.   

   Whether it be in our hand delivered New Resident Welcome Package or our New Resident Direct Mail Advertisement, our clients are first to be introduced to the new residents and potential customers of Northern New Jersey.


     Going Local offers flexible and inexpensive options and can tailor our products to your individual needs and budget.  Whether you want to target one town for $10 per month or a large area for $1000s per month, we will help you get new customers.