New Resident Direct Mail

     Does Direct Mail Advertising work?  Absolutely!!!  Even "blind" mailings by companies to "every door" see a Return On Investment.  That's why Fortune 500 companies rely heavily on Direct Mail Advertising to attract new customers.  The key to seeing the largest ROI is not so much the design of the mailing, but to whom are you sending the material.

     The fact is that Direct Mail Advertising is a simple math equation.  The question really is does this math equation work for YOU.  By way of example, let's assume a low conversion rate of 1% (Average of blanket and blind Direct Mail Advertising).  If a company sends out 100 pieces they can expect 1 new customer.  Let's assume a total cost of $100 (printing, labor and postage) to send those 100 pieces.  The question for your company is, is it worth $100 for one new customer.  It's that simple.

     You can anticipate a higher conversion rate with Going Local.  Remember, it's not so much what you send as it is to whom are you sending it.  Does the recipient have a need.  New residents are looking for trusted services & products in their new area of residence.  


     Going Local has the relationships and access to information that enables us to deliver our client's Direct Mail Advertisements within days of the move-in dates of new residents.   Other companies rely on change of address information or deed recordings.  This information is available weeks after a new resident moves to their new home.   

      Being the first to introduce your company to them gives you the greatest chance of converting them to new customers.

Other advantages to using Going Local:

  • ​No long term commitments (month-to-month).

  • We will help design your mailing at no additional cost.

  • Price per mailing is inexpensive and is all additional charges.

  • No minimum requirements.  You decide how many per month.

  • You decide what towns and which demographics.


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